Marc Andreessen Blogging = neat

Marc Andreessen brought us Netscape and wysiwyg browsing and now he’s bringing it via a new blog.   Check it out.  Today’s insightful post suggests that the gloomy predictions of a bubble 2.0 are overblown, and perhaps are simply a function of the human tendency to exaggerate gloom as an evolutionary protective measure.

As a proud primate I’d agree that evolution favors a cautious approach, and in fact probably innovators (like Marc) are actually few and far between partly for the reason that a world full of innovators is not as stable as a world full of … well … the folks the world is full of.  Stability is an evolutionary requirement, so it’s all good.

So, is there a bubble?  I’ll vote … no.

NYT on Google Search

This is an excellent look  from the NYT into the heart of the Googleplex and how they deal with the changing landscape of internet search and the amazing Google algorithm that ranks billions of web pages for relevance to billions of queries.

I’m already looking forward to the Google Party which is held each August down at the Googleplex.