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More Cuil Search fun. Check out the …ummm… multiple personality finder.

Over at Sarah Lacy‘s place she’s reasonable asking “Is it Cuil or Us” in terms of expecting too much from this new search startup.   Since I’d been poking fun at Cuil’s failure to find itself I thought I better … Continue reading

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Model of Olympic Village Apartments in Beijing

Model of Olympic Village Apartments in Beijing Originally uploaded by JoeDuck It’s fun to start to see so much Beijing stuff on TV after just being there.   The Travel Channel is playing Samantha Brown china visits and the news … Continue reading

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YouTube lawsuits now top YouTube’s total valuation

When Google bought Youtube for 1.6 billion last year they effectively allocated $400 million of the purchase price towards lawsuits they felt were coming down the pike.   Although both the purchase price and that extraordinary “copyright payoff” of 400 … Continue reading

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Who ARE these WordPress Guys? Bravo … again.

WordPress is one of those amazing Web 2.0 companies that always impresses you with innovation and quality. Here, they have created a way to better index WordPress blog content using Google sitemaps.  WordPres was was already the best CMS system … Continue reading

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