Sergey Brin is Blogging

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has just started a new blog which promises to offer some interesting insights into one of the most influential people in the technology world.

His first post details something incredibly personal – Brin’s predisposition to Parkinson’s Disease.   He learned this from an examnation of his DNA by 23andMe, the company co-founded by Brin’s wife Anne.

Columbia Gorge Hotel, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Columbia Gorge Hotel 323

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We really enjoyed our trip to Northern Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, especially our stay at the Columbia Gorge Hotel, one of the most historic hotels in the American West. The Columbia Gorge Hotel is perched atop cliffs next to a waterfall with beautiful views up and down the Gorge. The grounds are impeccably landscaped like a giant living bouquet over at least an acre with dozens of hanging pots with wildflowers, pretty lawns and bridges, and paths through the trees.

Pictured is the lounge. The dining room overlooks the gorge and often ranks among the finest of Oregon’s fine dining establishments.

Presidents Roosevelt (FDR I think) and Coolidge stayed here.