StumbleUpon for sale by eBay

TechCrunch is reporting that Social networking and bookmarking site is for sale by eBay which bought it only about a year ago for 75 million.    It’s not clear how much they want for the site but due to stagnant growth in traffic and the ongoing challenges to social network monetization, it would seem likely that eBay would be happy to get little more or even less than 75 million to unload a site that does not really match up well with eBay’s core values and experiences which are “selling stuff by auction”.

Interestingly eBay already has one of the world’s largest social communities in the form of buyers and sellers who interact in a huge way on a grand scale every day, although I don’t think eBay has made a concerted attempt to extract additional value or community from those buyer and seller relationships.

Full Sail Brewery, Hood River

Full Sail Brewery, Hood River
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Full Sail Ale is one of the most popular beers in the Northwest, and our Full Sail brewery tour in Hood River helped us understand why Full Sail remains so popular. We had a great guide, Gary, and thanks to his expertise and the fact we were the only two on the tour we were able to ask a lot of questions.

Gary explained that in 1985 the town of Hood River was suffering badly as the Timber Industry was in decline.    A group of friends, hard up for work, decided to start brewing beer and took over a small building which remains a small part of the huge brewery complex that now produces millions of bottles of Full Sail Ale and Henry Weinhard’s as part of the Full Sail contract with Miller Brewing.

More detailed brewing information about the tour at the Oregon Blog: