Are You an Information Addict?

Incredibly, “Information Addiction” is a recognized psychological disorder.    I suppose I can see how somebody could be obsessive in collecting information and how that could interfere with their life, but I’m a little worried that overzealous pseudopsychologists are going overboard with this type of silly diagnosis.   People we formerly would have called  “bright” will soon be lumped in with the methamphetamine pushers.

Dr. Kimberly S. Young, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, commented, “The Internet only feeds America’s ‘fast food’ mentality towards information. People are craving immediate access to the most up-to-date, current information and then find themselves trapped in enormous information gluts.”

Trapped in enormous information gluts ?      Maybe Dr. Young’s happy to live in blissful ignorance but in my book “enormous information glut” people are better called ….          ‘well informed’..