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San Jose Mercury News – A Cautionary Tale from Business Week

There is a great summary at Business Week of the  remarkable rise and pending fall of Silicon Valley’s newspaper – the San Jose Mercury News.     They note that in many ways the Mercury News saw it all coming, but still failed to … Continue reading

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Facebook will rule the world in 33 days! Ummm … not.

Yes, of course Facebook is a great implementation of Social Networking which is undoubtedly the paradigm that will dominate the internet world for at least a few years.  However Facebook is hardly a *new* idea  and it’s hardly immune to other social … Continue reading

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Facebook – Myspace = 100% revenue share

Josh at Redeye VC has some *excellent* points about the coming big battle between Facebook and Myspace for web developers: If you ran a venture-backed company and had to decide whether you wanted to focus your effort on: (a) a … Continue reading

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Bebos, billions, and why Yahoo is starting to piss me off.

Yahoo may buy Bebo, the British “Myspace”, for a billion dollars. That is a LOT of money – about 3% of Yahoo’s market cap. Presumably this, like Yahoo’s unsuccessful Facebook aquisition attempt, is Yahoo’s approach to recapturing the market dominance … Continue reading

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Myspace is better than sex

Bob at Tech Consumer is noting the recent article in the Economist suggesting that Social Networks are about to dethrone “sex” as the top item of internet interest. The interesting graph notes that where sex stuff is becoming a smaller … Continue reading

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Myspace News Launches … almost invisibly.

Myspace has become such a dominant player that the launch of Myspace News was a big story in the blogosphere. Ironically you could hardly find it at Myspace and it just took me a few minutes and Pete Cashmore’s … Continue reading

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The Day … the Music Sales … died

NYT reports that music sales declined very substantially and that this fact may portend serious problems for the music industry.    Makes sense to me.   For some time there have been many silly suggestions from music download enthusiasts that downloading was … Continue reading

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