Domain Renewal Group – BOGUS MARKETING ALERT!

The “Domain Renewal Group” with an address listed in Buffalo appears to be like other shady firms preying on unsuspecting domain name holders.    They have sent me a “Domain Name Expiration Notice” with a “Reply Requested by July 27” for  1)  A domain they have nothing to do with and 2) a domain name that does not expire until November.

This common tactic preys on the fact that people either routinely pay bills or don’t understand the system well enough to know that most renewals are handled online anyway.    These letters make it appear as if you need to work with them to renew when in fact they will *move* your domain from current registrar and will generally charge much more per year for the fees.

In the case of the Domain Renewal Group they charge a whopping $30 per year so I’d be looking at an increase in my domain fees of some 400%

General rule for domain name holders:   Use great caution with any renewal notices, but also MAKE SURE your names will be automatically renewed with your current registrar if you forget, change email, or miss the notices which are generally NOT sent via real mail.     In typical internet irony the real paper mail domain notices are generally scams where the half-assed email renewal note may be legitimate.

Many registrars including the one I use (Godaddy) make it too easy to lose domain names if you don’t pay for them by expiration, often whisking them away into auction after only a few weeks.  For this reason “auto renewal” is generally a very good idea.

Note:  If you work for DOMAIN RENEWAL GROUP feel free to contact me – I’ll print your response to this.