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Scoble on Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea”

OK, so I’m not getting to meet Donny Deutsch here at CES (because he’s not here). But glad to report that Scoble and the Bloghaus Bus o’ Bloggers will be on “The Big Idea” the show tonight on MSNBC. Blogging … Continue reading

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CES Coverage – Scoble Rules!

I was wondering how the amazing Scoble was going to cover the CES hurricane of news and products and should have known it would be with a hurricane of Scoble video podcasts.    I wish I had more time to hang at the Bloghaus but there is … Continue reading

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CESlebrities at CES 2008

Here’s the press release from CES about the celebrities that will be there in official capacities.   I’m under the impression that a lot of celebrity folks also attend just to see what’s up in technology:   What?! No Donny Deutsch?! Arlington, Va., December … Continue reading

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CES 2008 coverage coming soon

The Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2008 – the number one technology event in the world, is coming up fast and I’m excited to go as a first time attendee/press dude.    One of the nice tech blogger press perks is I’m … Continue reading

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Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch has an excellent show called Donny Deutsch “The Big Idea”.  The show is on MSNBC and features interviews with Deutsch and business heavyweights like Bill Gates as well as young entrepreneurs who have had breakthrough ideas that led to successful companies.    It … Continue reading

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CES 2008 – The Hollywood Track and Donny Deutsch’s “The Road to CES”.

Entertainment Technology will be big at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, and there is a website devoted to keeping you posted on that aspect of the show.    The website is HERE – Digital Hollywood. Another fun CES preSpinoff is Donny … Continue reading

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