Flickr to PS3 slide show troubleshooting. Name bar right click for “Date Picture Taken”

UPDATE March 2011:  Well, more trouble with this even following my own directions below, but after many failed attempts  we got the files to copy after backing out of the PS3 menus, going back in, and using the “options” (triangle) key to bring up options rather than simply clicking on the “flash drive” icon.   The problem of the order of the pictures remains since you cannot sort them by date taken and they do not pull in the files in the order you have sorted them on the flash drive appears to be by name of folder or file) Moral of this nasty application is probably … DO NOT USE IT!  But if you do consider naming your slides such that the names match the order in which you want them to appear.


Wow, I sure had a remarkably difficult time getting my pictures from Flickr to a flash drive to a slide show on our high def TV using the PS3.     Seems like it should have been a snap, but here are some troubleshooting tips if you find yourself with the same challenge  (Why bother?  Because slide shows on big TVs are so nice compared to having people cluster around your computer screen!)

*  Bulkr is a great Flickr backup tool – it worked beautifully and pulled my Flickr pictures onto my hard drive.

*  Note that you may need to right click on the “name” bar in the folders as you work with them – the taskbar that has the file names – and tell it to display the “date picture taken” data.    For slide shows it is often  important to have “date picture taken” information so you can order the shots in the same sequence that you took them  (assuming you kept up the time and date stamps on the camera – a very important thing to do although Flickr will let you bulk modify those if needed).

*   If pictures are not showing up, try loading them into a folder named “pictures”.

*  Using your PS3 controller, go to the “Photos” section and select the option for the flash drive / removable drive.      Using the triangle button you should be able to display the contents of the flash drive, though inconsistencies here have been one of the problems for me.

….. to be continued …. maybe…..