23andMe and Me

I just ordered up my Genome at 23andme.com    They’ll send the kit over the next few days, I’ll swab my saliva and send it back, and they’ll analyze the sample.  Then I’ll be able to see a list showing most of my genome. every single nucleotide pair of mine.  Obviously reading that report could get kind of boring …. “HOLY Crap, there’s *another* GATC sequence!”  Which is why 23andMe has a lot of cool online information and tools to graph and understand your relationships to your genome, your ancestry, and more.   It’s staggering that only a few years after cracking this holy grail of biology it’s available to everybody.   “The Language of God” for more about the philosophy of one of the key players in the quest for the human Genome.  

 Yes,  $999 is a lot of pizza and beer, but OMG how could I not do this?   I’ll report more here as I learn more about my genes.