Specialists vs Generalists

In My Humble Opinion ….. it seems that many of the most fascinating people tend to be *specialists* in their fields – highly focused experts in academia, cooking or sport or film or whatever.  Yet it seems the most interesting life you can lead is that of a *generalist*, dipping more lightly into the many amazing things the world has to offer a curious person.

This creates something of a problem if you want to be … interesting.   You can beef up your expertise in a small number of things and enjoy the attention or praise for your virtuousity, but this means you’ll have less time to simply enjoy the simpler things in life and less time to explore the almost infinite number of things going on around you.


Save time by watching more  TV instead of experiencing real stuff !  ?   : )

Be an expert in a few things you love, but save the rest of your time for exploration?

Travel More!   I love this option!