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Google is for Smarty Pants

A new study suggests Googling is good for your health.   Mental brainpower health that is.   Researchers measured brain activity in online searchers and noted that it was much higher when people were using search engines. More about why YOU are … Continue reading

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Rethinking Privacy

Hey, it’s nice when you agree with the Government’s interpretation of how the future is going to shake out.  Donald Kerr is the USA’s Dept. of Intelligence Deputy Director and noted correctly: Protecting anonymity isn’t a fight that can be won. Anyone … Continue reading

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What is “Intelligence” ?

Some good posts are popping up over the the Singularity Institute blog, though the discussions have been taking that odd “hostile academic” tone you often find from PhD wannabes who spend way too much time learning how to reference obvious things in obscure ways. … Continue reading

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