Mission Impossible III – the secret of the rabbit’s foot NOT REVEALED HERE!

Though NOT to be confused with the superb TV series which had a sophistication and charm notoriously lacking in all 3 Mission films, MI III is fun and fairly clever with one excellent plot twist I won't reveal here.

Calling it "action packed" would be an understatement. It's a (PG 13!) orgy of torture, murders, extrajudicial killings, bombings, explosions, implanted head detonators, defibrillators, and …..  Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise marriage references.

I could certainly believe Seymour Hoffman as an evil international bad guy, and Lawrence Fishburn as IMF spymaster, and even Tom Cruise as super spy, but what was HARD TO BELIEVE was how close Tom's real life beau Katie Holmes looks to his movie beau Michelle Monaghan.

Scary, right?

Which brings me back to the film. Outtakes have revealed that the China made "Rabbits Foot" which was the subject of great interest to bad and good guys alike is a super sensitive biometric identification device that can help Tom determine if the girl he's with is actually Katie or Michelle. Without it Tom's pending marriage would be at risk. Given the multi billion success of the Cruise film empire palimony is incredibly expensive, helping to set the Rabbit's Foot's price tag, which WAS mentioned in the film, at $680 million.

Money well spent I'd say.