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CES 2009 – Palm Pre bumps stock 34%

Here at CES 2009 Palm debuted the Pre, their new iPhone rival device with a snazzy slider keyboard and large touchscreen. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and this sent Palm’s stock soaring yesterday 34% as the company’s sagging prospects were … Continue reading

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Why does online chat support almost always fail to solve the problem? And take so long? And generally just suck?

I’m on the online chat support with Palm right now trying to figure out how to get my Treo 650 to work in China and collect more information for my  Cell phones in China post.    As with other online help systems I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Palm Centro. At $99 the Centro has a great price but still a too-small screen!

Palm’s new phone – the “Centro” – offers a price breakthrough for “higher end” smart phones.  With a mid-october launch date.  My prediction is that this is too little too late from Palm, already struggling to regain a market.     The Treo was … Continue reading

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