American Idol 2012 is Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips ?

Like much of the West Coast I’m waiting for tonight’s results on American Idol, but most of America ALREADY KNOWS the winner!    I’m not sure who will win – the incredible Jessica Sanchez with unbelievable vocal talent or the cute and clever Phillip Phillips who seems to be getting by more on his looks than his musicality, though you would not know this from some of the odd comments last night after he performed a song written by others for the finale – unfortunately a “better song” than the one Jessica Sanchez sang.

I’m a little frustrated because I’d like to see musical brilliancy triumph here, and Sanchez is one of the best singers to ever come out of this show.   Philip, on the other hand, is more of a hearthrob for the shows legions of young female fans.    He’s good, but hes not THAT good!