3:10 to Yuma gets * * * * Quacks

You don’t want to miss this excellent western, filmed and acted much in the tradition of the old westerns but with some exceptional scenes that would leave even John Huston in awe of the filming technique. 3:10 is a complicated exploration of the two key characters – a sociopathic robber / gunslinger and a mildly disabled civil war farmer, played brilliantly by Russell Crowe and Christian Bale.  The film is set in Arizona but was filmed in New Mexico and on sound stages.  The film is set in an early, post civil war Arizona.    Bale and Crowe cross paths and wits dramatically in this western action morality play. I felt that some of the action was unneccesary to the plot though this is a film where the violence is part of the story, and the chase scene in the train tunnels was a stunning example of bringing the exitement of an old western to a modern audience.

New York Times Movie Reviews are now available online.  Fantastic.  Thanks, Dave Winer, for pointing this out.