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SES Site Clinics

SES Site Clinics Originally uploaded by JoeDuck A good team including Dave Naylor, Greg Boser, Dani Horowitz —- on stage is evaluating some websites that have volunteered to be reviewed: http://www.LangAntiques.com Hmm – not sure on the advice here but … Continue reading

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Domain name auction at SES San Jose

I’ve heard of these auctions but never attended on before. The idea is to have a live event that is also online, so anybody who has registered can participate from anywhere. I’ve got hundreds of names aquired over the years … Continue reading

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Black Hat / White Hat SEO Session at SES San Jose

Black Hat SEO Session at SES San Jose Originally uploaded by JoeDuck The SEO session here at SES San Jose is packed as everybody struggles to get competitive advantage, though I’m concerned that even some fairly advanced SEO folks simply … Continue reading

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SES San Jose – Lee Siegel Keynote

Lee Siegel is about to speak here at SES San Jose. He’s the author of “Against the Machine” and a senior editor at The New Republic, and a noted critic of the new media, primarily because he feels anonymity is … Continue reading

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SES San Jose 2008 sets attendance record

SES San Jose is reporting record attendance at this year’s conference.    I’m hoping to track down the numbers which are not listed in the press release, and here at day 1 there don’t seem to be as many folks as … Continue reading

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SES San Jose Blog Coverage

Although it’s fun to attend conferences like SES you can learn an enormous amount reading the many folks who are live blogging the sessions here in San Jose. If you read this and I haven’t added your blog please do … Continue reading

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Google Dance at the GooglePlex. Search Engine Strategies Event

Google Dance at the GooglePlex Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Last year they had “Candy Bars” where you could fill a bag with all sorts of great candy. I brought one home for my daughter who now dreams of going to … Continue reading

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