Fubar stats are … F.U.B.A.R!

A recent report by Compete.com made Fubar.com look like the fastest growing website since the dawn of man.   Blogs were breathlessly reporting Fubar’s astounding growth rate of over 3 million percent.   

However thanks to some sleuthing over at Webguild, Fubar’s astounding success appears to be in large part due to changing the name of  the site such that previous site traffic was not reflected in the Compete.com report.   In fact it now appears that Fubar’s astounding growth may be *entirely* due to the name change which sent them down briefly to extremely low levels of traffic  last year at this time.   

Apparently Fubar has undergone two site name changes and redirections, and thus the Fubar site had almost no traffic last year because it had only existed by that name for a very short time.