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The Social Networking Generation(s) enter online “adolescence”

Although Social Networking has been around for some time it has not seen anything like the widespread use until fairly recently.     Where technologists and early adopters are trying to figure out the importance of the  Twitter explosion to the … Continue reading

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Adobe Air – offline to online is good

Adobe is launching an application that will allow people to work offline on forms and other content which will then automatically be posted to websites when they go back online.   This is an excellent “transitional” application because many users still have … Continue reading

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The video revolution will NOT be televised, because it’s boring.

OK, I officially don’t get it.  Don’t get all this talk about how online video is the next big thing.  Perhaps more accurately I do get it, but don’t understand why so many bright and well connected folks don’t seem to understand that … Continue reading

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Social Networking = Facebook? Myspace is more likely to be an average person’s social space.

Marshall’s at Read Write Web is right to question some of the prevailing social networking wisdom.  He notes that the ongoing Facebook frenzy is driven in part by folks who are infatuated with Facebook while they keep foolishly thinking Myspace is of little long term … Continue reading

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Dodgeball vs Twitter

alexa3 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. In a recent analysis for TechDirt Insight Community I was looking at mobile social networking. Although Alexa comparisons leave something to be desired this Twitter vs Dodgeball reach comparison is pretty darn striking, and shows … Continue reading

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Facebook Beacon already forgotten by all but the blogOspheric chattering nonsense.

Om Malik and Matt Ingram are asking why Facebook doesn’t simply ask their 40+ million users to determine what the users would want in terms of advertising on a social network. Excuse me but are you guys naive or just … Continue reading

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Facebook to everybody: “We’re sorry”

Mark Zuckerberg is profusely apologizing for Beacon’s shortcomings.   I’m not proud of the way we’ve handled this situation and I know we can do better … It sure looks sincere to me and I don’t think sincerity even matters all that … Continue reading

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