The Kingdom * * * Quacks

The Kingdom offers one of first blockbuster movies in the “USA vs Terrorists” genre that will  predictably become a mainstay of the box office for years to come.   This was a good action film, though I think it could have toned down the excessive and gratuitous violence in favor of the crime drama and sometimes thoughtful cross cultural tensions that drove the film.     

Hollywood always struggles so much with complex topics, usually with painfully simplistic and superficial results.   The Kingdom is neither an exception to that or the rule, rather it’s a good action film wrapped in an OK cultural clashing motif.

The Kingdom is worth seeing simply for the excellent montage piece at the beginning of the film that very quickly summarizes the rise of Saudi Arabia as a kingdom, a nation state, and a reluctant US ally in the Middle East.

Also, The Kingdom shows that we could quickly end the war on terror simply by using the F word a lot more and then sending Jennifer Garner in to really kick some ass.

The film’s odd final scene will be disparaged by some, but I felt in some ways it rescued the film from treating things too simplistically.