Control Room * * * *

This superb documentary takes us inside Aljazeera TV during the early coverage of the Iraq war and reflects the tensions, biases, trials and tribulations of the Arab world's top news source.  

Aljazeera is preparing to launch a major US and international news effort later this year.    I'm thrilled because I think it will force many Americans to re-examine the nature of news and cultural bias.  

So I Married an Axe Murderer * * *

OK, so I've been sick for the past few days, sitting around watching movies.
Might as well blog the reviews so I can pretend I'm being productive….
I watch a lot of movies so I'll start rating them with stars as follows:

* Sucks
* * Missable
* * * OK – see if bored
* * * * A reall good or great film – see it.
 * * * * YOU MUST see this film!

Mike Myers films are almost always fun to watch (The Cat in the Hat may be a notable exception) and as usual "So I Married and Axe Murderer" from 1993 is clever and funny, with Myers as a multimedia poet who falls for a woman he suspects may be a murderer. Myers also plays his own father.

War of the Worlds – Tom Cruise Edition * * * *

War of the Worlds – the Cruise and Spielberg version, is an excellent special effects movie that manages to preserve enough of the real H.G. Wells classic to be a very entertaining exploration of that timeless theme we Sci Fi fans never tire of – Super advanced Aliens attack earth with ruthless and magnificent technologies, munch humans, and yet (SPOILER HERE) We humans WIN!

As seems too common now with blockbusters the deep and thoughtful nature of the original work, remarkably written in 1898, seems to get lost amid grand and spectacular special effects and family dramatics and histrionics. Yet War of the Worlds is still a very enjoyable movie.

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe * * * *

This excellent film pulls you into C.S. Lewis' magical world of fantasy where four children encounter marvelous creatures and battle evil in an effort to bring balance to the magical world of Narnia. Lewis and Tolkein were both in a writers group called the "inklings" and you can see the cross influences in Narnia and Lord of the Rings, each among the great masterpieces of literature in their own right.

Flight Health tips

This just in from that bastion of journalistic objectivity, FOX news –
Health tips for frequent (or infrequent) flyers –

Swelling of intestines means avoid overeating? Avoid junky food? [C'mon, flying's a new great excuse to nab some fast food between flights!]

Drink lots of water, but NOT from the unregulated bathroom source.

Earache? Put a warm towel on ear.

Keep babies alert during takeoff and landing to clear sinuses.*

Afrin and Claritin for adult sinus problems.
DO NOT drink the bathroom water, it's cleanliness is not regulated.

Last seat in Coach in aisle is safest statistically.

Gone Scuba? Wait 12-24 hours before flying