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Wow, what a bad movie. This blockbuster finds the crew of a deep sea mining operation battling – usually unsuccessfully – with a mutating gut sucking deep sea monster. Is Richard Crenna ever in good movies? This one mangles the … Continue reading

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NMohwy.com Experiment update

For the story so far click HERE Interesting…site:nmohwy.com shows only 142 out of about 3000 pages, but NONE appear to be supplemental anymore. So after time and/or a few sitemap submissions the supps plus most pages seemed to be deleted … Continue reading

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Web comes full circle, developers doing better stuff but making less money?

Pardon my somewhate randomized ramblings…… Significant changes keep swirling online as the internet becomes the key mainstream content vehicle, oceans of content continue to flow online, and mashups empower developers to flesh out even the most extravagant ideas with powerful … Continue reading

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