Tweet, Tweet?

New York Times is talking about Twitter, the social media chat application that is storming onto the internet faster than you can twitter to your friends as well as the public at large about what you are doing at the moment.

My initial reaction to Twitter was that I was somewhat underwhelmed but now I’m thinking that Twitter is appealing partly because it takes so little time yet keeps you “up” on a bit of the lives of friends and biz folks you know. This may even have a practical application when you run into them in person in that you’ll be able to communicate more effectively having a bit of background that will help frame your “catching up” during conferences or whatever. Twitter’s success may be in it’s simplicity of use. Unlike blogging you can quickly post a note and preview your pals, all in a few moments. If there’s one thing we like to see online, it’s things that cater to our increasingly *short* attention spans.