Vending machine payment for drink = watch an advertisement!

I love this idea of choosing to either pay for your soft drink or watch an ad and get it for free.    We’ll see a LOT more things like this over time as consumers start to demand that companies cut out the middleman and pay them *directly* for providing attention and the potential to be influenced by advertising.

To me it’s very natural for a consumer to be compensated directly for their attention, It’ll shake up the ad industry in new, fun, and interesting ways.

Wagner Street project

Wagner Street project

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Yesterday I began the big remodel at the Wagner Street House…again. After the initial surge of activity, new roofing, etc I’ve simply let it sit but I’ve got to bring back the loving feeling for this dilapidated but potentially great house. Back in the day (1911 or so), this was one of Talent’s nice homes.

Twitter and SEO

Interesting.   My Chico the Wonder Dog SEO experiment is yielding some unexpected results.    A tweet about this is now higher in the ranks than the original blog post page.

Chico the Wonder Dog has been trading places with another Chico the Wonder Dog.   That post is much older and may have more incoming links since that guy seems to spend more time posting about his dog than I do, though based on my quick analysis of this and a few other cases I think it indicates that Google looks carefully at the rate of link growth, and if it slows they tend to put back the “old, tried and true” page in favor of the newcomer. This makes sense from an anti-spam perspective although in Chicos particular case it probably does not yield the top dog.

However, the Twitter reference rising to high seems really surprising because Twitter posts are generally small and insignificant (as it is here).  I’m surprised Google ranks these at all, let alone makes them competitive with meaty postings.  Perhaps Google has elevated “social media” in some algorithmic fashion though my guess is this is a defect that will be corrected – ie Twitter is structured in a way that links to these posts from many Twitter people and this is messing up the Algo’s handing of this insignificant material.    If I’m searching for “Tesla Coil”, let along pretty much anything of any relevance, I hardly want a bunch of Twitter posts!