Wagner Street Project – electrical panel Inspection is today

OK, today is my electrical panel inspection. Although I’d had it tagged before but it needed a new one because it had been disconnected so long.  This meant I had to make changes for what I think is a change in the code.  The main wires were looped down via a J shape onto the main bus but now need to be going straight on from the top.  I also had to bond to the water pipe via a special clamp that takes a bare #4 copper wire going up to a neutral in the panel (this was not a change in rules).

Hopefully I’ll get the tag today and Pacific Power will hook me up tomorrow as scheduled, and put in the new meter (the Power Company does the connect from street to the wires as they come out of the mast on top of roof).


Sex, drugs, and blogs – New York Times on the rise of the “Artist 2.0”

The NYT has  been doing a nice job of making Web 2.0 more accessible to a non-tech audience via a lot of good stories about people and biz.    This latest NYT story “Sex, Drugs, and updating your blog” follows a programmer turned rocker who now lives his musical life … online with his fans.    We’ll see a LOT more of this in the future and I think it’ll be a great thing:

It’s possible to see these online trends as Darwinian pressures that will inevitably produce a new breed — call it an Artist 2.0 — and mark the end of the artist as a sensitive, bohemian soul who shuns the spotlight.