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Spelling challenges aside Accoona has been plagued by performance and corporate scandal challenges for some time.   IPO backing now looks weak and I’m thinking you’ve got trouble when the company has to issue the following statement: “I can assure you … Continue reading

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Google Phone almost here

Rediff is reporting that the Google Phone is coming within weeks. I’m skeptical it’ll be available that soon but I think this is a brilliant play for Google, striking at the hot iPhone market with a device I’m guessing will … Continue reading

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Danny’s iPhone challenge

Danny’s iPhone challenge Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. During Lunch at SES Danny Sullivan (standing) didn’t think the iPhone was living up to the hype and challenged iPhoners Matt Cutts and Barry Schwartz to see who could bring up a website … Continue reading

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Google Party Mountain View – yummy buffet goodness

Google Party Mountain View – yummy buffet goodness Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. The buffet at the Google Party is always great and this year was no exception with pulled pork, hot dogs and burgers and other delicous things including candy … Continue reading

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Google Party – Sno Cones!

Google Party – Sno Cones! Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. The happy sno cone dude was dishing up the ice at the Google Party, SES San Jose 2007. This was my third Google Party and I’m always impressed by how clever … Continue reading

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SES San Jose “Meet the Crawlers” Session

SES San Jose “Meet the Crawlers” Session Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. Though poorly attended the SES San Jose “Meet the Crawlers” section offered some give and take with key search engineers from MSN, Google, Yahoo, and ASK. All engines seemed … Continue reading

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Mary is Meeker than yesterday on revenue estimates?

I’m still digesting this amazing story by Henry Blodgett  about how Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker’s seems to have 1) inadvertently miscalculated YouTube revenue potentials by a factor of *1000* and then,  adding insult to injured fuzzy math, seems to … Continue reading

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