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Scoble: Facebook, Techmeme, Mahalo (!) will depose Google

Scoble’s provocatively suggesting that Google should fear Facebook, Techmeme, and Mahalo.   I think his key assumption is that these social media environments are resistant to spammy SEO tricks and therefore will do a better job of delivering relevancy over time … Continue reading

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FOX Sucks

So I’m watching the ‘Teen Awards’ with my 11 year old daughter. Hilary Duff, Hannah Montana, and, WTF!!?? (pls forgive the modern parlance) here comes Snoop Dog and then the “Party like a Rock Star” finale. Here are the lyrics … Continue reading

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Palm Treo Problems

Ha – I just wrote about how unhappy I’ve been with my Treo 650 and to spite me it went into an endless loop thing after a hot synch and now the phone won’t turn on. I did find this … Continue reading

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Powerball Lottery redux

OK, I’m mathematically confused again about whether there are unusual times when the *after tax expected return on a lottery ticket can be > $1* Powerball website reports these odds for the Grand Prize:  1 in 146,107,962.00 I assume an … Continue reading

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Downtowne Coffee Shop, Talent Oregon

Here in lovely Talent, Oregon and in Southern Oregon in general we’ve got more than our share of great places for coffee but my favorite *by far* is the Downtowne Coffee Shop here in Talent, where the owners have created … Continue reading

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