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Kindle as “Future of Reading”? More like Present … of stupidity.

I don’t usually pan products here but the Kindle coming out from Amazon tomorrow is *really* a bad idea.   Not because it wouldn’t be neat to have a great reading device to replace books, but because of the demographics involved … Continue reading

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23andMe and Me

I just ordered up my Genome at 23andme.com    They’ll send the kit over the next few days, I’ll swab my saliva and send it back, and they’ll analyze the sample.  Then I’ll be able to see a list showing most of … Continue reading

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Most Dangerous Cities in America along with the safest

CNN reports results from a recent study of crime in American cities, noting these as the most dangerous and safest ten USA Cities in each category: Ranked Most Dangerous 1. Detroit, Michigan 2. St. Louis, Missouri 3. Flint, Michigan 4. … Continue reading

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Terabit class data transmission achieved

WoW.   Researchers in Japan have broken open a transmission threshold that may eventually hold the key to the kind of ubiquitous super broadband mania we can only dream about.    Here is more

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Recycling Computer Parts

Recycling old computers and monitors, especially the toxic stuff, is a problem that is going to get bigger and bigger.     A recent report suggests we are not handling this problem very well, and I know from my local recycling experiences this … Continue reading

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