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Bhatia’s battle to give you free software … Game ON!?

Over at Webguild I noted a really interesting quote from Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of HotMail, who suggested very recently that shrinkwrapped software is dead and everybody is going to go online for their office and other applications by 2010.    Consistent with … Continue reading

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Evil Adsense Publisher 3443918307802676

Some of my old posts here at WordPress started showing ads, which was odd since I didn’t put any ads up. At first I thought JoeDuck.com had been hacked, but it now appears this is a form of Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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Elf Yourself

This just in from the “Seasonality matters” department:   My Elf Yourself post of about 11 months ago has risen to the top of the list of viewed posts even though it’s old and not particularly insightful. Elf Yourself is Office Max’s very clever … Continue reading

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