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Universal Voice Translators are almost here

One of the neat futuristic gadgets in Star Trek was the universal translator, a device that would take in any language and output English. Engadget reports that NEC says they are close to having one of these. the firm has … Continue reading

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Who is clicking at your online business door?

Back in July I missed this great post by Dave Morgan at AOL but thanks to Danah Boyd’s post it has surfaced again.    The findings are very surprising and very relevant to anybody running click or online advertising campaigns.   Dave … Continue reading

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Oban Scotch for Christmas

I owed a friend a pretty good bottle of Scotch for a favor, and knew he liked Oban Scotch.   Unfortunately I had not checked the local price which is consistently $69.95.   Not bad, but I was shooting for a $50 “thank you” gift.   … Continue reading

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Amazon unearths some great startups

The Amazon startup contest here has a video profile of the seven finalists in their contest which I think was to showcase users of Amazon Web Services (AWS).   I think  Jeff Barr  will have more about this on his blog or on Amazon’s blog. … Continue reading

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Paid Links and SEO – game over dudes

It has now been over two years since Google started their crusade against paid links.  I first understood this crusade back in 2005.  It was the first time I’d met Matt Cutts, and we were sitting at the hotel bar during the New Orleans WebmasterWorld … Continue reading

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Make Ads, Not War

As I’ve noted many times here I believe that our massive US defense spend is unwise, returning a fraction of the return we’d get by putting most of the annual approximately $500.000.000.000 spend into high ROI global and national development projects, pro … Continue reading

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