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Google adsense discouraged quality content, Google knol is trying to fix that.

Google knol is a promising development in online information, where “experts” will write concise, authoritative articles on many topics and the community will rank and comment on those articles.   It may be a great way to combine quality content with social … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Harbor, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China

Wow.   Planning the China Trip is really getting exciting for me.   I’m going to get to see some of the things I’ve heard about for most of my life – things that are on “The List” of stuff I just had to do … Continue reading

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Coffee Calendar

Click here for more about the 2008 Coffee Calendar Hey, it’s Coffee Calendar Google ranking excitement!  As I mentioned in some earlier posts my wife’s Brother-in-law Ricardo has a great Coffee Calendar, a project he has worked on for some time that features … Continue reading

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