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Mike Arrington, Chris Anderson on Charlie Rose

TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington is on my favorite show tonight talking about the future of technology along with Chris Anderson of Wired.   (not to be confused with TED conference coordinator Chris Anderson). Here are the videos Ha – just got a … Continue reading

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Will Jason Calacanis put a bottle of Macallan scotch where his mouth is?

Update:  Apparently, no …. ! Jason Calacanis is a clever guy, but I like to call people out when they make wild predictions that they themselves probably don’t believe.   Here, Jason predicts Google will have 90% search share in a year.    I’m happy to see if he really believes … Continue reading

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If 300k per month is noise, then show me the signal baby!

CNET really seems to have misread what Jeff Clavier – one of my favorite VC blogging guys – said to them recently about startups and income.    Rafe at CNET implied that Jeff was suggesting that even for a startup making a respectable 300k … Continue reading

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