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Beijing Table Tennis

Beijing Table Tennis Originally uploaded by JoeDuck We had a lesson from a former member of the China National Team here in the TT club located in the Basement of the huge sporting goods store on Wanfujing Street, Beijing’s big … Continue reading

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Beijing McDonalds

Beijing MacDonalds Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Don’t you just hate people who go all the way to Beijing, China, home to some of the world’s most outstanding asian cuisine, only to eat .. McDonalds Burgers along with the huge crowds … Continue reading

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In defense of Miley Cyrus, who still rocks …

As the dad of an 11 year old I’ve seen more than my share of the Disney Channel’s huge TV hit: Hannah Montana.   But I don’t mind because Hannah Montana is a great family show.   Unlike so much of the garbage that … Continue reading

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Park near Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Park near Tiananmen Square, Beijing Originally uploaded by JoeDuck This public park off of Tiananmen Square was very well kept, I think these were sweeper carts for the folks who … sweep up. Those folks are everywhere and I’m not … Continue reading

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