China’s Great Wall – Simatai

China’s Great Wall – Simatai 812

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At Simatai the Great Wall of China goes up from a valley in both directions, then winds around a steep moutainside. Incredibly this wall was begun over 2000 years ago, though I think most parts were completed during the Ming Dynasty which ruled China for about 300 years – from 1368 to 1644. The Ming were the last of the Han and were deposed by the Qing Dynasty who ruled until the Nationalists kicked their butts in 1911.


This just in (sort of – the news is actually 70,000 years old) from the “Phew, that was a close one” department:

Humans barely escaped extinction 70k years ago when there were only about 2000 of us left on earth:


Internet Ironies

I thought it was kind of funny when the head architect of social site Twitter, hugely under fire for failing to scale up the application properly as it grew, was giving a talk at the ongoing Web 2.0 Conference about scaling up big websites.

But today’s news that Jeff Pulver of PulverMedia has resigned…..from PulverMedia, has got to be one of the best examples of the crazily ironic internet world.    It’s also annoying that prominent bloggers are now often kept from writing about their own stories by complex contractual obligations they take on when going big time.   It’s enough to make you abandon all those silly A list bloggers for …. good old fashioned regular guy and gal bloggers.

I wonder if he’ll start up a new company and if so what you gonna call it?