Clinton Wins Pennsylvania

The networks aren’t calling it but I can because you can get the results from the CNN exit polls with a little extra math:

Based on the exit polls, Clinton will win 52% to 48% and that close margin means this is almost certainly going to the convention.  

Clinton Wins Pennsylvania

The networks are not calling it yet but the exit polling makes it clear Hilary Clinton will win the Pennsylvania Primary.

CNN’s Exit poll data indicates the results will be as follows:

Clinton Male Vote %: .42 x .47 = 20%
Clinton Female Vote %: .58 x .55 = 32%

Clinton Total vote: 52%

Obama Male: .42 x .53 = 22%
Obama Female: .58 x .44 = 26%

Obama Total Vote 48%

Update:  With 99% now in Clinton won 55% to 45%.   This is enough of a margin that no candidate can really argue for any clear democratic consensus, and clearly the convention could be a very lively event.

Money is now a key factor in that Obama has lots and Clinton does not.


Medford Oregon Dentist

Medford Oregon Dentist – Wu Family Dentistry Review

I’ve lived in the Rogue Valley of Oregon for over twenty years.  There are many excellent dentists in the area but in my opinion the best Medford Oregon Dentists are Dr. Kevin Wu and Dr. Julie Wu of Medford.    Kevin is a Table Tennis pal of mine and we recently returned from a trip to China, but that’s not why I’m recommending Wu Family Dental as the best in Medford Oregon.    When my son was to have his wisdom teeth extracted his dentist recommended an oral surgeon.    I asked Kevin for a second opinion and he wound up doing the extractions in a very short and painless procedure.  My son was very pleased with the efficiency of Dr. Wu, his staff, and his office as well as the fact that he recovered from the procedure much faster than his friends who had gone elsewhere.

I’ve also had work done by Dr. Kevin and his assistants and found Wu Family Dentistry to be the most professional, friendly, and modern dental facility in the Rogue Valley.    High tech, low invasive X ray equipment, excellent technicians and office staff, and waiting room snacks are the types of people and amenities you won’t find in some of the other dental offices in the Medford Area.

So, this is an unsolicited endorsement of Wu Family Dentistry as the Best Medford Oregon Dentists.



Foreign Experts Building Hotel Buffet

Foreign Experts Building Hotel Buffet 607

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The morning breakfast buffet at the Foreign Experts Building Hotel in Beijing was free and exceptional. Rice, vegetables, wonton, Bao, eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausages, and much more made the morning meal a huge feast. FEB was an exceptional hotel at the price we paid – about $80 per night US due to some special deal from our Beijing Friend Kevin Wu, the best dentist in Medford Oregon. We had a huge 1BR suite. Even pricing was more than double this and rack rates were about $500 US per night for our large room .