Free Google blog at your own website? Priceless.

Google has a great feature where you can add a free blogger blog to your website.  I use that for some other blogs though JoeDuck is hosted at WordPress, which offers more powerful content management features than blogger blogs.

Here are the directions for a free blogger blog.  This is for domains hosted at Godaddy but similar will work at most registrars except for Verio where you’ll need to use the IP and not 

Setting up a free blog that will be hosted at involves TWO basic steps.   First setting up the blog at, then configuring the DNS at Godaddy to direct people to the blog as if it was at your website.   The existing pages at your *website* will be unaffected by these change though be sure you have pages backed up for good measure.  

1)  Set up account or log in to existing Google account at
2)  Create new blog with blog address (URL) “”
3) Under “advanced settings” choose “custom domain” and enter in box:

1) Next, head to your Godaddy account and “manage domains”.  Select
2) Click on “Total DNS Control….”
3) Create create CNAME record
4) Enter Alias name:
5) Points to Host name: 

The blog will have a small default blog toolbar at the top of the blog that can be deleted as well.  As far as I know Google is OK with this modification to delete the obnoxious toolbar though I’m not positive it’s OK.    I don’t have time to look up that little coding hack now but will try to post later …