Ballmer has left the Building

Talks between Microsoft and Yahoo have stalled and may be over.   33 vs 37 per share.    I still think Microsoft is just calling what better be a bluff by Yahoo, because if they don’t take this MS offer the stock is going back to the sub 20’s and Yahoo is looking at a huge number of shareholder lawsuits asking why they sabotaged the offer of $33 when they are only worth $19 without Microsoft.

Here is my view at Webguild with the letter to Yang from Ballmer

Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza

Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza

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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium “Birds Nest” is in the background with the Aquatics Center to the left. This photo was taken in April from Pangu Plaza, the massive building shaped like a dragon that is the cornerstone of development in this area of Beijing China.

Photo Credit: Charley Aebersold