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Google search transparency? You call that transparency?

Google does a lot of wonderful things, including many that people do not give this amazing company nearly enough credit for doing. These include mail, calendar, and document applications as well as great free search. However Google transparency goes out … Continue reading

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Shanghai Street Vendor 706

Shanghai Street Vendor 706 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck We did not see all that many fruit vendors but in Shanghai near the Bund, Shanghai’s most popular area, we saw several selling oranges and some other stuff. Mostly the vendors sold … Continue reading

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MicroHooBook: A Case Study in Online Lexicographical Evolution

After rumors of a Microsoft Yahoo Facebook deal surfaced I thought I’d cleverly coined the phrase “MicroHooBook” to describe the merger, and blogged a post with MicroHooBook in the title.    So understandably today when I read Matt Ingram’s MicroHooBook post   I first thought … Continue reading

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