Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza

Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza
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Wikipedia has a great summary of the Beijing Olympics.   I’m a little concerned about the delayed coverages by NBC since I’m a night owl and would enjoy sitting back and watching in real time, but I’m thrilled that NBC will have all the events online so I can watch the Table Tennis, which generally is hardly touched by TV coverage.    China is favored to take most if not all of the Table Tennis medals, but the champion has had a bad prior two major tournaments so he may not take the gold.

Advertising Targeting – or creepy harassment?

Here’s a thoughful observations from YieldBuild after attending the the OMMA conference.    The issue is whether you can do too much targeting of your advertising and scare folks away by being “creepy”.

Although we’ve only begun to scratch this surface I suspect that it’ll be dependent a lot more on the individual than on the targeting mechanism.   For example I don’t really mind Google “reading my titles” and offering relevant ads to me as I read my email, though for some this is clearly a major invasion of privacy.   (What?  You didn’t realize Google is reading all your titles and possible your content, though I’d guess they dont’t do that for liability reasons alone)

Check out some Boss Mashups

Yahoo BOSS is a promising development tool that allows you to access some very powerful features from the Yahoo toolbox.   TechCrunch features some of the best BOSS mashups to date today and also notes that the BOSS “Yuil” application that was quickly pulled together after the notoriously challenged Cuil search launch had to be taken down when Cuil’s legal team jumped on the mashup for copyright infringement.