Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza

Olympic Stadium from Pangu Plaza
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Wikipedia has a great summary of the Beijing Olympics.   I’m a little concerned about the delayed coverages by NBC since I’m a night owl and would enjoy sitting back and watching in real time, but I’m thrilled that NBC will have all the events online so I can watch the Table Tennis, which generally is hardly touched by TV coverage.    China is favored to take most if not all of the Table Tennis medals, but the champion has had a bad prior two major tournaments so he may not take the gold.

Pangu Plaza in Beijing

Pangu Plaza is one of three key buildings that will be very prominent during the Olympics, and I’ll have several postings about this real estate project which we toured during my stay in Beijing.

Pangu Plaza’s buildings are shaped like a dragon with a huge gravity defying overhang in the front building.  Surrounded by powerful lighting the building will be featured in the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Update:  NOT prominent.   It is almost as if NBC is editing out pictures of the amazing buildings that make up Pangu Plaza and the Pangu Plaza Hotel.   These buildings right next to the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium, but I don’t think I have seen a single video clip where they showed the whole structure.