The People’s Coast

The Oregon Coast is arguably the top “branded” destination name in the state, and one of the top destination brands nationally, so it strikes me as very odd that some very high priced marketing firms are suggesting they rebrand our beautiful Oregon Coastline as “The People’s Coast”.

In addition to suffering from geographical vagueness and ambiguity, “The People’s Coast” is unlikely to conjure up the imagery the Oregon Coast deserves – powerful crashing surf, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky sea stacks towering majestically just off the shore, a lush blue spruce and fir forest sweeping down to the shoreline, and so much more.

Sure, the Oregon Coast is a “People’s Coast”, just like Viet Nam’s where the “People’s Coast Guard”  stands watch, but I’m not feeling how this brand is going to take off, let alone bring more folks to the state.   More importantly terms like the People’s Coast diminish the current powerful theme of the Oregon Coast which not only promotes that region but associates it with the rest of Oregon.     I’m partial to my own region – Southern Oregon – which I promoted online for many years and which includes portions of the magnificent Oregon Coast. whoops, I guess I mean that Southern Oregon contains portions of the People’s Coast…

Google Phone Coming Next Month

The Android Guys are reporting on the design of the Google Phone from T Mobile and it’s looking pretty impressive.  They also link to a spec sheet showing the phone will have a sizeable screen, pull out keyboard, 3 megapixel camera, and more.

I’m glad to have been correct to suggest the phone would make it out before next year and expect this to be a very popular 2008 Christmas Gift, even if the pricing is higher than I expect which is $150-$250 or perhaps even less to undercut the Apple iPhone market.

This earlier-than-announced launch is probably very bad news for Sprint’s instinct and other smartphones, as it is likely that we’ll see the smartphones of choice become either Apple or Android based phones.

No Prohibition advertisement, Fells Point, Baltimore Harbor

No Prohibition Ad, Fells Point, Baltimore Harbor 265

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Fells Point is one of Baltimore’s most historic areas. Here, a “Vote Against Prohibition” advertisement has lasted long past the demise of Prohibition. Perhaps not coincidentally the Fells Point area is known for bars and nightly rowdiness.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is the perfect example of how history and travel intersect in wonderful ways. Formerly the Inner Harbor was mainly for shipping, but over the past several decades Baltimore has turned this into a convention and tourism hot spot for the entire coast.

One of the most appealing features in Baltimore are the Water Taxis which take you from place to place all day for $9, offering a cheap tour. Be sure to ask the pilots about the buildings and harbor history – most are very well informed.

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay
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Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe. In my opinion this area is one of the prettiest spots in all of the American West. Highway 89 heads north from South Lake Tahoe to Tahoe City and cuts between Emerald Bay and a lake so you are perched high above two beautiful mountain lakes on the drive. For a superb day hike consider parking at DL Bliss State Park and hiking to Vikingshome, the historic small mansion by the lake now run by the park service. About 5 miles one way and you can take a trolly back (seasonal!) to your car or hike back. 2 to 3 hours each way on a beautiful, mostly flat trail.