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Thank you Nathan Myhrvold!

I’ve detailed some of my misadventures at Real Climate.org, the sometimes insightful but usually activism-masquerading-as science water cooler for folks who buy the notion that human-caused global warming (aka “AGW”) is on a rampage that is increasingly likely to end … Continue reading

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Is Climate Science on trial again?

The climate debate is entering a new state of confusion that will at least bring some of the fascinating technical issues into the popular press.     The first time this happened was during the congressional hearings featuring the “Hockey … Continue reading

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When Climate Scientists ATTACK

After a few years following some of the technicalities of discussions about global warming I’m glad to report that there’s FINALLY a really nice guantlet thrown and accepted by the authors of two of the key blogs in the discussion, … Continue reading

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Sowing Alarmism? You will reap skepticism.

Over at my favorite global warming watering hole “RealClimate” where several distinguished (and some controversial) climate science dudes reside, there is a lot of hand wringing and whining about why the media does such a poor job reporting on climate … Continue reading

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The Hockey Stick Controversy …

You are well advised to avoid the globally frustrating mistake of getting interested in the underpinnings of climate science as it relates to global warming, climate models, paleoclimate reconstructions, the IPCC, Al Gore, and the academy awards. However if you … Continue reading

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Censorship should not be in the eye of the beholder

I just stumbled on this provocative statement at a website: We invoke the spirit of free and radical inquiry with the least amount of censorship, whilst preserving high standards in quality control. Somehow it struck me as oxymoronic.     … Continue reading

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Corporation as psychopathic? Nonsense!

RealClimate offers some great science and discussion but also reveals a lot of the unvarnished bias you get when true believers discard reason for hyperbole and nonsense.  (thx to JCH for this caveat about caution when confusing a blog with the comments). This little nugget emerged from … Continue reading

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