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It’s OK to HOLD STRONG OPINIONS! Just respect other’s rights to do so also.

I’m very concerned about a trend among smart people.   I’m very fortunate to have many sharp friends and family members, but there seems to be a tendency to think that holding strong opinions is somehow unreasonable or unwise.  Most … Continue reading

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Is Climate Science on trial again?

The climate debate is entering a new state of confusion that will at least bring some of the fascinating technical issues into the popular press.     The first time this happened was during the congressional hearings featuring the “Hockey … Continue reading

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Ask Yourself: What Would Prove me WRONG?

An excellent comment I heard recently suggested how we are primed to look for the data that supports what we are already believe rather than challenge our own visions of the world by asking what arguably is the most important … Continue reading

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Fox News Alert: Universe Still Expanding at Speed of Light

Despite a fair amount of college physics and math, and the insights that come from being a living conscious being on planet earth which you’d think would give some insight into the nature of the reality we experience on a … Continue reading

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Meteors and You

Thanks to Glenn for this story suggesting a new study making a possible connection between early life and meteors.   I’ve always been comfortable with the idea that life as we know it could emerge in slow and steady steps from … Continue reading

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This just in (sort of – the news is actually 70,000 years old) from the “Phew, that was a close one” department: Humans barely escaped extinction 70k years ago when there were only about 2000 of us left on earth: … Continue reading

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The Language of God by Francis Collins. Book review

I enjoyed The Language of God, by Francis Collins, the head of the US government’s part of Genome project that unravelled the genetic blueprint of humanity. But I’m afraid I did not like the book for the reasons Collins seemed … Continue reading

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