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309 South First, Talent 045

309 South First, Talent 045 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Soon selling a 1BR Talent, Oregon house in great location with full lot for $137,500. Owner financing with a reasonable down payment.     I live across from the house in … Continue reading

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Airport Blog

There’s some tweaking and LOTS of changes needed for old pages, but I’m getting happy with the new look of the Airports Blog and Airport and Airlines Directory I’m trying to resurrect after many years of neglect and abuse. … Continue reading

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WordPress fix for: Post Title is overlapping the category list

Just wanted to post a WordPress style workaround I’ve found for a WordPress problem I’ve struggled with for some time here and at the Airport Directory I’m using INOVE so maybe it’s particular to that theme. The Problem:   … Continue reading

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Global Warming Solutions are NOT cost effective, so let’s do something that IS cost effective!

I’d like to hear more from those concerned a lot about how Global Warming will harm humanity regarding their calculations.    Kyoto is now recognized by anybody who understands the issues as failed and misguided.  Ethanol’s bizarre rise to fame … Continue reading

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Oh Hardbat Classic Where Art Thou?

It’s probably too late to see another Las Vegas Hardbat Classic in July from the folks at Bud Light, who last year sponsored Table Tennis’ biggest ever prize along with a huge national competition plus a very fine Las Vegas … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Reviews too good to be true? UPDATE: Not enough data – I may be wrong here

Update: There are bad reviews at the site, though not as many as I would expect in an unbiased environment. The default view places top reviews first so I need more research here before jumping to any major conclusions. ————– … Continue reading

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Medford Pear Blossom Spring Fair is April 10th and April 11th, 2010

Press Release from the Medford Pear Blossom Spring Fair: Everything Old is New Again! The old Pear Blossom Street Fair is now renamed the new Pear Blossom Spring Fair and is celebrating its 30th year. In addition to the new … Continue reading

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