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Rulers of England

Rulers of England In honor of the upcoming English Royal Wedding and the fact I’m watching “The Tudors” on Netflix right now, I thought it would be fun to post a list of the rulers of England. This is a … Continue reading

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The Kennedy Cabinet

OK, so we interrupt our usual rants for an interesting historical question that is also an SEO experiment for my history website  US History – the main website for the travel and history blog The Kennedy Cabinet was arguably one … Continue reading

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History of the Oregon Coast

* Note below why part of this post is NOT about “History of the Oregon Coast”. We’ve got a brief treatment of “History of the Oregon Coast” over at the site Oregon Coast Travel. Here is that History of the … Continue reading

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Hubble Deep Field 3D

Thanks to Duane at Ashland’s Lithia Springs Inn for sending this out!

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National Debt? What National Debt?

If you’ve been watching the national news much lately you’ll wonder what ever happened to all the concern about the national debt and the massive budget deficits planned for the next decade.   On the up side however you will … Continue reading

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Beijing Meridian Gate, Forbidden City Entrance

Meridian Gate, Forbidden City Entrance Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Wikipedia History Meridian Gate guards the Forbidden City and is directly across from Tianenmen Square in the heard of Beijing. Although the gate offers a great view of the square, I’d … Continue reading

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Gutenberg + 550 years = Our ADDd Internet

John Naughton, writing in the Guardian, has a nice piece about the reading revolution inspired by Gutenberg and the uncertain future of our online equivalents to the books we have held dear for several centuries.  Studies are noting how fleeting … Continue reading

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