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Prediction: Google will buy Facebook for about 1.1 billion

Irrational exuberance in the dot com shopping aisles? No, it’s a chess game and Google’s winning….again. I’m really starting to understand what seems like irrational exuberance on the part of Google and the major players. A Google aquisition of Facebook … Continue reading

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Online News Association to Arrington: Hey, let’s get Mikey!

Poor Mike Arrington. From his blog it sounds like Mike was the token sacrificial lamb at the recent Online News Association conference where his comments were not taken well by the crowd of what sounds like mostly conventional journalists (or … Continue reading

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SES San Jose – it’s almost like I’m not … here.

I’m sitting in my San Jose hotel room a few blocks from the Search Engine Strategies conference thinking how much better the information about the conference is … right here on my pc … than at the conference itself.   … Continue reading

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Gadgets – the desktop revolution begins

One of the best sessions at Mashup Camp 2  was Adam Sah’s “Google Gadgets” which outlined how rapidly gadgets are sweeping onto the desktop.   These were formerly called Google Widgets but Adam told me they have been renamed to avoid … Continue reading

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Mashup Camp 2 – Day 2 begins

… Mashup Thursday begins with MSN sponsored coffee, for which they deserve major caffienated credit.    Part of the interesting buzz here (and I htink at MIX) is how good the LIVE people are and how different LIVE at MS … Continue reading

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Mashup University – resources and blogs

If you are reading my mashup posts you should ALSO be checking out these far better mashup info sources: Programmable Web – John manages the holy grail of mashup info. He posts it all here. Mashup Camp Blog  Mashup University … Continue reading

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Mashup University – Microsoft Gadgets and AJAX.

Scott Isaacs – The Architect for MS Live .. remixing the web. The LIVE team remains impressive. Mashups are not new, but the Mashup revolution – the low cost, richer services and experiences, allow us to build things like … Continue reading

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