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Google Knol – very good but very failing?

Google Knol, the Googley competition for Wikipedia, was announced with some fanfare and really seemed like a great idea.    The ‘knol’ stands for “Knowledge”, and articles are written by people who verify their identities and presumably have some knowledge … Continue reading

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Wales: Internet Collaboration Still in Infancy

Speaking in London Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales made an obvious but important observation: the collaborative aspect of the internet – what many would call a key aspect of “Web 2.0”, is still in its infancy. Although Wales seemed to focus … Continue reading

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Google adsense discouraged quality content, Google knol is trying to fix that.

Google knol is a promising development in online information, where “experts” will write concise, authoritative articles on many topics and the community will rank and comment on those articles.   It may be a great way to combine quality content with social … Continue reading

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Google’s knol project

Google’s about to launch yet another clever idea.  Called knol, it will feature authoritative articles about any topic which will use community rating and input.    It will be interesting to see how this project compares to the excellent community produced … Continue reading

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Google and Wikipedia combine to “bomb” NYC.

Update – below was “fixed” with Wiki’s correction and Google’s refreshed index. Looks like the bogus snippet lasted about 1-2 days at Google – probably even less at Wikipedia because they have people reviewing the edits. ————- Search credibility is … Continue reading

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