Yahoo’s “response” to Microsoft

Wow, talk about saying nothing.   Yahoo’s official public response to MS is a blunt “we’ll consider it”.   Given that the offer was so high above Yahoo’s share price, especially after the earnings call meltdown on Tuesday, I’d hate to face shareholders after rejecting this offer which would likely send the stock down.    I just can’t see Yahoo refusing this in light of lackluster performance over the past few years and a questionable future.

The word in tech land seems to be that Jerry Yang really does not want to sell to Microsoft.    Understandably Yang probably wants more time at the helm to try to turn Yahoo around the good old fashioned way:   Hard work.     But I don’t think he’ll win this one.    C’mon Jerry – your net worth just went up what, a billion dollars on the Microsoft offer?   That’s got to be good for something.

 Dis Closure:  I got the Yahoo Stox.   I wants them to go up.