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Mark Cuban’s Stimulus Plan is a good idea

Always enjoy Mark Cuban’s  kick-butt prescriptions for economic success.   Sure he oversimplifies, but  like most successful entrepreneurial folks Cuban understands what a remarkable number of people do NOT understand – innovation drives our economy forward in powerful ways and … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban on Open Social v Facebook: He’s being lazy, not smart.

Mark Cuban generally has great insight about the online landscape but I think he’s just being a lazy social networker to suggest that Google’s Open Social is too late to the social networking party – a party Mark seems to think is going to be … Continue reading

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Boston Legal Jumps the Shark

I’ve been a fan of Boston Legal for a few years but the season premier tonight is really, really bad in my opinion.   The new characters are weak and uninteresting, the performances seem anemic and uninspired, and the storylines are stupid rather than quirky.    … Continue reading

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