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To Twitter or just copy Twitter?

In technology there are few more important questions than “What’s going to happen with Twitter”.    As with many early adopter issues, only the digerati and a few smart marketers understand how profoundly and importantly Twitter is reshaping the online … Continue reading

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Google to buy Sprint? Only if Sprint gets really “gets lucky”.

Rumors that Google might buy Sprint appear to be mostly just that – silly rumors to catch a headline.    Not so much that it would be a bad idea – for Sprint it would be the rescue they can only dream about … Continue reading

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Google to everybody: Open up and say “Google”

Matt Ingram  has it right again – Google sees Openness as a competitive advantage, but Google is also correct that Open Social networking and open cellular software and hardware are in the best long term interests of the internet community. The tech blogosphere has been abuzz for … Continue reading

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Open Social challenge – Guilt by Open-Social-Association ?

Don Dodge has an excellent post today where he suggests the Open Social hype machine has spun out of control.    I don’t really agree with him because I think Open Social is a sincere effort by Google to create the truly open … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban on Open Social v Facebook: He’s being lazy, not smart.

Mark Cuban generally has great insight about the online landscape but I think he’s just being a lazy social networker to suggest that Google’s Open Social is too late to the social networking party – a party Mark seems to think is going to be … Continue reading

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The Social Network Reality Show: High stakes, big money, false rumors.

The game is social networks.  The stakes are very high, and the news and rumors are flying fast, furiously, and inaccurately.   Here is the latest in the saga of Google’s Social Networking entry which, with Myspace’s participation, is the new Social Networking juggernaut … Continue reading

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Myspace to join Google’s Open Social. Facebook’s value plunges.

It is a mildly risky but potentially brilliant counterstrike against Facebook’s rising popularity.  Myspace will announce shortly that they are joining the Open Social movement spearheaded by Google and which is now officially a social juggernaut of global proportions.    TechCrunch seems to have the latest on this … Continue reading

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